Principle X: Delivery can not be compromised.

DisclosureWise™ Operations Team work around the clock to ensure that submissions are delivered on time and with guarantee. With team monitored submissions, this is readily done. With certain channels such as FIX, delivery confirmation is provide by the protocol and we capture that.


However, some regulators rely on email submissions. The problem is that email as a technology is prone to delivery failures of all kind. It is just not a protocol which was designed with a transactional nature which we are so accustomed to in financial technology systems.


So with emails, we have to go one stop further and ask the question "how do we make 100% sure that these emails are delivered to the regulator?". To that end, we have implemented an industrial strength, guaranteed email solution. It means that emails are no longer free of cost for us as it is a commercial service, but it means that we can be assured that our submissions to the regulators are always delivered and on time, even when using the tired old protocol which is email.


DisclosureWise™ email submissions are then monitored by our team to ensure delivery. Because follow up is the foundation stone of operational excellence.